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In response to an escalation in volatile water wars and the ominous UN predictions for our world’s swiftly depleting freshwater reserves, Mike Knight, a journalist for a global news magazine in New York, is assigned to investigate the impact suffered then produce a news report to shock the world. Having embarked on a ‘tour of the planet’ with Dr Leena Nikula, a beautiful French-Russian with a double doctorate in geology and environmental science, Knight’s scepticism turns to horror after sprawling cities are left abandoned when whole continents lose that one vital element needed for staying alive! However, while trying to expose the G20’s ultimate conspiracy for the 21st Century, Knight unwittingly stumbles upon the greatest mystery of the 20th Century. Then, an unlikely ‘saviour of the world’ with a perfectly logical solution is found right at his fingertips. 

All profits from the sale of this book will go to MKT’s Water Projects