Mike opened our world to Christian music and in particular, educational opportunities for developing musical skills with Christian Music Ministries. Several friends have asked whether we would set up a Trust to facilitate Mike’s legacy. As a family this resonates with us.

Our Objectives

  • Helping financially those desiring  to go to worship training colleges to study music for the purpose of leading Christian worship or ministering to others through worship music, whether singing, song writing, or learning to play an instrument.
  • To be involved in helping to providing Churches and Christian institutions in developing countries who need music equipment for enhancing their music worship ministries.

Our Partnership

The Michael Knight Trust has been created with Operation Mobilisation (OM). Therefore, all donations must be payable to “Operation Mobilisation” (see Finance section below). Click here to find out more about Operation Mobilisation.

What can you do?

  • Publicity you can provide would be so appreciated. The more people who can support the “Michael Knight Trust”, the more lives there are that can potentially be blessed. So please, share this website and information on the Trust with your family, friends, churches, work colleagues and anyone else!
  • Sign up for our “News and Updates”  sent you in our quarterly newsletter. To opt in and out, please contact us at the email address below  and we will be glad to add you to our distribution list. Please note, we will not share your email and postal details with third parties.

If you have any further questions or require any further information, please contact us at


You can powerfully support this Trust by praying for:

  1. Mike’s sisters organising, developing and running this Trust.
  2. Sponsors and donors who would be willing to financially support the Trust.
  3. The Trust to connect with those that God would like us to bless, whether aspiring musicians and singers, or churches and institutions in need.
  4. The Glory of God to shine through everything we do, every step of the way.
  5. Each person who hears about the Trust will come one step closer to God.


Please send your donation to Operation Mobilisation in your country and attach a note: “Global Impact Fund – Michael Knight Trust” Key Ministry Code: 0001800956″. If you would like a form to help you do so, please e-mail with the details.
Cheques payable to “Operation Mobilisation” please.


If you would like donate any musical equipment to the trust that can be used for auction (or give away where possible), please contact us at . Thank-you for investing in God’s Kingdom!