Water Projects

In light of the UN predictions for our world’s swiftly depleting freshwater reserves set to hit crisis point by 2030, and this striking the poorest countries with the highest populations living in the hottest climates with the least amount of available freshwater per capita, MKT is not in a position for starting new projects. Instead, with so little time left and the clock ticking closer to 2030, we’re raising funds for existing endeavours as listed below. YOU CAN HELP by buying our book THIRST then passing it on through our donation scheme. You can also visit our GIVE page and join our monthly giving program as our projects begin to increase.


The first water project that MKT would like to raise funding for then sponsor, is the existing endeavours that bring water filtration buckets to needy communities since 2011. With the ability to filter 600l per day, each bucket is a starting point for some of the most desperate people on earth. Granted, when their water dries up completely, as is expected soon, filtering the muddiest creek bed will become even more critical for some as time goes on.  MKT is enquiring with the supplier about a desalination design for the near future.


Watch this space for more projects but REMEMBER, more projects for MKT depends on YOU! We need you to partner with us in spreading the word about THIRST and MKT through your own social networks.