Word of Life

The 900+ songs that Mike left behind on his iPod music collection came to lead us through a journey of grief and grace. The first song that Mike at 17 asked me to listen to on his MP3 player was the Kutless song Take Me In  based on the vision that the ancient prophet Isaiah saw and described  in the Book of Isaiah chapter 6. I really liked the lead guitar that Mike no doubt also liked.  However, in hind sight, it’s a powerful song for a  17-year-old who was about to meet his Maker in the following year. With our lives opened to the powerful part played by the Creator God’s global worship leaders, who have literally created millions of songs about Him, we’re convinced now that more can be done. 

3 weeks after Mike left us, we met Kutless, his favourite band

Our Objectives

This Words of Life stream was the original desire for MKT based on Mikey’s desires: created for helping financially those like Mike with a desire to study music for the purpose of leading praise of the Creator God whether singing, song writing, or learning to play an instrument.

Our Partnership

The Michael G Knight Trust has been created by a small family who needs your partnership through regular giving using the monthly giving program. All of Mike’s original ‘seed money’ is now gone since our 3-day event Mysterious. So we are looking for a continual injection of interest to keep this stream running. 

What can you do?

  • Publicity – The more people who can support the MKT Words of Life stream, the more lives will be blessed through the Good News message in song. So please, share this website and information on the Trust with your social networks!
  • Get your copy of one of our books, Breadcrumbs in the Storm …Hope after Sudden Death; Mysterious? – Expect the Unexpected; and MKT’s new book THIRST about the world’s swiftly depleting freshwater reserves.

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You can support MKT powerfully by praying for:

  1. The success of THIRST and its storyline used in various forms; and the new Water for Life focus stream funded from profits generated by the sale of the book.
  2. Long-term partners will to sponsor financially the various projects through MKT.
  3. Each person who hears about MKT to come one step closer to knowing our Creator.